Hair Clippings And Shaving Apron Waterproof

  • $10.95


Color: Black, yellow, white, Pink, red, blue(upon availability).
size: 120x80cm


Clogged & Messy sink following a grooming session of facial hair?

Say NO with beard shaving apron. This innovative apron makes a pouch like form that is deep & wide to catch all your beard and mustache trimmings without making mess on your shirt, sink and bathroom floor. You just need one trip to the trash can to conveniently dump all your trimmings. Features: Made of high quality fabric that feels soft & comfortable around the neck & shoulder. Anti-static & Waterproof Durable that will last a lifetime of use Our beard apron features adjustable Velcro straps just like a salon cape. One size fits all. Velcro neck straps allows you to adjust the apron around your neck any way you want Equipped with Suction cups so that you can easily attach & detach from mirror Designed with a self-packing pouch.

1.Save your time to clean the floor and make you relaxed and comfortable
2.Folding, easy to use and store at home
3.Fit to the neck and fasten it with the tape fastener

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