iBasics USB-Powered Bladeless Fan with Speakers and Microphone

  • $86.95

Three-in-one bladeless fan, speaker system, and speakerphone with audio cable for connecting to devices such as an iPhone, iPod, or tablet.


• Product number: iUFS-20/7992

• Three-in-one fan, speaker system, and speakerphone

• Bladeless fan with adjustable settings

• Safe than conventional fans, but not as good for Darth Vader impressions

• Dual 0.5-watt stereo speakers

• 3.5mm auxiliary cable connects to most smartphones and MP3 players

• Internal microphone for hands-free calling

• Compact and lightweight design

• Run off a computer, laptop, or AC adapter

• USB plug and play compatibility

• USB power rating: DC5v

• 30-day warranty from TagCo.

• Dimensions: 6.9” x 9.8” x 5.1”

• Weight: 20oz.

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